Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Before making a purchase from JavedPMP, it is recommended that customers review the refund policy outlined below.

Cancellation Policy:

Customers who wish to cancel the training after making payment must inform at least two days before start of the training. The fee payment will be refunded to the buyer within two working days.  In case a student has attended partial training and desires not to continue the training will be refunded amount, as mutually decided with JavedPMP instructors.

Refund Process:

Customers can request a refund by submitting a request through the JavedPMP Contact Us form, with the subject "refund." Our member of the team will respond to the request as soon as possible. The refund will be issues to the bank account detail provided to us through any of the communication medium i.e email / WhatsApp.

Refund policy for a package purchase

If a student has paid for two or more courses, at a discount rate and attended one or more courses and wishes to get refund for the course he hasn’t attended yet, he will be charges full (non-discounted fee for the course(s) attended and the remaining amount will be refunded.

Payments made through credit card or QR code:

If payment was made through credit card or QR code, the refund will be issued with 3% cancellation fee. This refund will be processed and returned to the buyer in five to seven working days.