Col (Retd) Javed Iqbal
CEO MavenProjects
BE, PMP, RMP, Prince2, CBAP,
PE,psc,ptsc, 6 Sigma Black Belt




Online Live Training
                                                               ORACLE PRIMAVERA P6 ADVANCED-LEVEL TRAINING

Special offering

We conduct Primavera P6 training in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Qatar and online. Find out on this page  Primavera P6 training schedulePrimavera training contents,  training fee, benefits of obtaining Primavera P6 training, trainer profile.  If you are interested in attending this training,  register online. 

Trainer Profile

  • Muhammad Umar, Oracle Primavera PPM and EPPM specialist. 200+ Primavera P6 training conducted in Pakistan & abroad. Primavera P6 consultancy provided for multi-billion$ worth of projects. 
  • Specialist in developing large and optimized project plans, execution, in-depth project analysis and reporting in Primavera P6.
  • 15 years of rich Project Management, IT and Engineering experience from UK, Qatar and Pakistan.
  • PMI (USA) Scheduling Professional (SP), Project Management Professional (PMP) certified.
  • Microsoft Project specialist.
  • ITIL (UK) Certified.
  • BEng [Hons] (UK)

Our Local and International Clients

Projects planned and training conducted for many companies in Pakistan and Qatar, including the following.
United Nations (UN) Hub Power Descon Habib Rafiq Engro Powergen Engro Polymer Sachal Group General Electric (GE)
Top City LDA Pak Arab Engineering Pak Army Pakistan Atomic Energy KSB Pumps Fatima Group NUST
NADRA DTCE NTDC NHA Laraib Group Renewable Resources Salik Foundation Agha Khan Foundation
Shell Qatar Gas Total Petroleum Qatar Petroleum Boston Construction AMBB DCB Louis Berger
Descon Itemad Atlantic Contracting QDVC Milaha

In addition, hundreds of individuals from different industries also attended our training.
What Do We Offer?

We offer globally recognized Oracle Primavera P6 basic-to-advanced level, comprehensive training (Oracle Codes 102, 106-P, 106-R). This course provides hands-on and interactive training on Primavera P6. The participants gain an introduction as well as a thorough and in-depth understanding of the concepts and practical usage of project planning, scheduling, controlling, tracking and reporting using Primavera. 

The duration of the entire, advanced-level course is 24 hours, completed in 3 full days.   Online Primavera training is also available. Request online training here 

Primavera training in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi and Qatar is scheduled as follows:   


  • May 21, 22, 28, 29
    Last date for fee payment: May 20

  • June 11, 12, 18, 19
  • Last date for fee payment: Jun 7

  • July 16, 17, 23, 24
    Last date for fee payment: Jul 12
Venue: Coral Lodge, House # 197, Street # 50, F-10/4. (Location may change if number of participants is less)  primavera training in 
  • Jun 25, 26, July 2,3
    Last date for fee payment: Jun 20
Venue: Smart Hotel, Liberty, Gulberg III. (Location may change if number of participants is less)
  • Nov 29  - 31, 2021
    Last date of fee payment: Nov 25

Primavera Training Fee 

  • Islamabad: Rs. 24,000.  Lahore: Rs 26,000.  

  • Special Offers:
    •  Pay for and obtain Primavera and MS Project training together and avail 15% discount in total fee.
    •  Pay for and obtain Primavera and PMI-SP training together and avail 15% discount in total fee.

  • Companies may contact us for customized quote for their training needs.

  • For fee payment options, click here.

More Information
  • Exclusive Primavera P6 training in Pakistan (Karachi, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad) and abroad on customized schedule can be arranged for organizations and groups. Training can also be conducted at the requested location. Please send us an email  or call on +92 (0) 323-8556158 with your requirements. 

  • Primavera training on customized schedule and online Primavera P6 training is also available, on request. 

  • One-to-one training is also offered on request to those who want special attention. See this page for details. 
Materials provided

  • Software
  • Official Oracle study and reference manuals.
  • Free assistance on email/telephone for two months.
  • Training certificate, issued by training and consultancy company MavenProjects. 

Training methodology

Our teaching method is highly effective. Students find it very easy to learn Primavera. The method is based on 10+ years of practical experience and is the result of continuous effort to improve our work. This course includes hand-on workshops that create entire project to completion.

    Primavera Training Registration 

    Register for Primavera training in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Qatar by clicking the registration button below. 

    Why Oracle Primavera P6?

    Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Project Management is the most powerful and effective solution for prioritizing, planning, managing and evaluating projects, programs or portfolios. It provides a single solution for managing projects of any size while scaling intelligently to accommodate user needs from simple project work to complex program coordination. Primavera P6 Professional Project Management is the best way to manage all of your projects.

    Targeted Role & Companies

    Planners, Schedulers, Planning Engineers, Program Managers, Project Managers, End Users, Construction Companies, PM Consultants, Business Analysts, Small to Large Enterprises, IT companies, and any organization or individuals involved in small to large projects.

    Primavera P6 Training Content (Oracle Codes P102, P106R & 106P)

    We deliver training on globally recognized Oracle's prescribed Primavera P6 Professional course contents. (Oracle Course Code 102 Intermediate and Code 106 Advanced level) 

    1. The Project Management Life Cycle
        Review the relationship between Primavera P6 and the Project Management Life Cycle
        Identify the five process groups in the Project Management Life Cycle

    2. Data, Navigating, and Layouts 

        Understand enterprise and project-specific data  
        Navigate in different windows and understand Primavera P6 layout 
        Customize a layout, open and save existing layout

    3. Enterprise Project Structure
        Describe the components that comprise Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)
        Create EPS
        View EPS

    4. Creating a Project
        Create a project
        Navigate in the Projects window
        View and modify information in Project Details

    5. Creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
        Define a Work Breakdown Structure and its different uses
        Create multiple levels of a WBS 

    6. Adding Activities  
        Add an activity
        Describe different Activity Types
        Describe different Activity Duration Types and their usage
        Add Steps and Step Template to an activity. Link Steps progress to Activities  
        View and modify information in Activity Details

    7. Creating Relationships
        Differentiate between the four relationship types    
        Define effects of creating relationships on the activities.
        Define different ways of creating relationships
        View a network logic diagram

    8. Scheduling
        Describe types of Critical Paths and Floats, and their impacts on schedule
        Identify loops and open ends
        Calculate a schedule
        Analyze the scheduling log report

    9. Assigning Constraints
        Apply an overall deadline to a project
        Apply a constraint to an individual activity
        Describe the available constraint types

    10. Formatting Schedule Data
          Group activities according to a specific criteria
          Sort activities
          Create and apply a filter. Understand look-ahead filter  obtain primavera p6 training in Islamabad by highly experienced primavera trainer,  conducted 150+ primavera courses in Pakistan and abroad.

    11. Roles and Resources 
          Describe roles 
          View the roles dictionary
          Describe resources
          Identify the differences between labor, non-labor and material resources
          View the resource dictionary and understand resource properties.

    12. Assigning Roles
          Assign roles to an activity
          Assign rates on roles

    13. Assigning Resources and Costs
          Assign labor, non-labor, and material resources to activities
          Different methods to adjust Budgeted Units/Time of a resource
          Assign expenses to activities

    14.  Analyzing Resources
           Display the Resource Usage Profile and Spreadsheet
           Customize the Profile and Spreadsheet
           Analyze resource utilization and over-allocation.    

    15. Optimizing the Project Plan
          Analyze schedule dates
          Learn techniques to shorten a project schedule
          Analyze resource utilization.
          Define and perform resource leveling and resource smoothing  
          Analyze project costs, reduce project costs

    16. Baselining the Project Plan
          Create a baseline plan
          Display baseline bars on the Gantt Chart
          Modify the bars on the Gantt Chart

    17. Project Execution and Control
          Describe several methods for updating the project schedule
          Status activities  
          Suspend and resume activity
          Reschedule the project and determine variances in costs, units and schedule

    18. Reporting Performance
          Describe reporting methods
          Create a report category
          Create a report with the Report wizard
          Create and run batch reports
          Create a report using the current layout
          Print Profile, Spreadsheet, Gantt Chart, Network Diagram, WBS, Project, Tracking and Activity Table

    19. Using Codes in Primavera P6
          Understand Codes in Primavera P6
          Create a Project, Activity and Resource Code
          Assign a Code to a Project, Activity or Resource
          Use a Code in a Filter or Group

    20. Maintaining the Project Documents Library
          Describe the difference between a reference document and work product
          Create a Document Record
          Link the document record to a document file
          Assign the project document to an activity or WBS

    21. Importing and Exporting Data
          Importing and Exporting Project Data
          Using the Import and Export Wizard

    22. Formatting and Printing
          Formatting Gantt Chart, Project, WBS, Tracking and Activity Layout
          Configuring Optimal printing settings
          Printing Profiles, Spreadsheets, Network Diagram, Tables and Gantt Charts

    23. Creating Calendars
          Understand Calendars
          Creating and modifying a Calendar
          Assigning a Calendar to Projects, Resources and Activities  
          Analyzing effect of assigning a Calendar

    24. Advanced Scheduling
          Understand Critical, Near-Critical and Critical Chain Activities
          Calculate Multiple Float Paths
          Total Float Calculation Methods

    25. Using Earned Value Analysis
          Understand important Earned Value Management (EVM) formulas
          Display Earned Value information and graphs 

    26. Project Website
          Create, customize and launch a Project Website
          Publish Project layouts as HTML pages 

    27. Tracking Layout
          Understand the Tracking Layout
          Customize the Tracking Layout
          Compare WBSs or Projects
          Analyze Projects Cost or Resources Units
          Forecast Schedule

    28. Risk, Issues & Thresholds
          Add Risk to a Project
          Analyze the probability and impact of a risk
          Create an Issue
          Define Threshold values
          Monitor Threshold and Issues

    29. Claim Digger (Schedule Comparison)
          Configure Claim Digger Options
          Compare projects with Claim Digger

    30. User Access
          Create a New Primavera User
          Define User Security Profiles
          Apply a Security Profile to a Primavera user

    31. Global Changes
          Define Global Change Parameters 
          Apply a Global Change to a Project

    32. Portfolios
          Create a Project portfolio 
          View and open a project from a project portfolio

    33. Admin Preferences, Categories
          Understand, Configure Admin Preferences
          Modify or Create New Admin Categories

    34. Top-Down Estimation
          Estimate WBS or Resource Activity
          Use Estimation Method
          View, Apply Estimation History

    35. Storing Period Performance
          Store Past Project Period Performance
          View Past Project Period Performance

    36. Activity/Resource Usage Spreadsheet And Profile
          Display S-Curves, Histogram in Profile
          Display Activity, Cost and Unit Period Data in Spreadsheet

    37. Tips and tricks for creating, modifying, updating and reporting on projects.

    38. Question & Answer Session / Case Studies.   Students are welcome to bring in their scheduling requirements to get instructor's feedback.

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