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Online Live Training
Microsoft Project Training
Find out on this page what you will learn in the MS Project course, the salient course features, who can attend, trainer profiletraining fee, course schedule and the course modules description. If you wish to attend this course, register online.
Benefits of learning Microsoft Office Project 
Project management is imperative for project success. A central system for planning and monitoring of projects is also critical. Microsoft Office Project provides robust project management tools with the right blend of usability, power, and flexibility. Thus, the projects can be managed more efficiently and effectively.
Microsoft Office Project is a powerful tool. Specialized training on its features and architecture is essential to fully utilize the tool for project management. This training on MS Project empowers project managers to control project work, schedules, and finances. It will also help them keep project teams aligned, and be more productive with powerful reporting, guided planning, and flexible tools.

The training will set realistic expectations with project teams, management, and customers to build schedules, allocate resources, and manage budgets. It is a step by step guide to analyze and report project data in professional reports and charts. This training will be ideal for project management professionals to learn to assign resources to tasks and control finances by assigning budgets to projects and programs.

What Will You Learn?
  • Getting Started with Microsoft Project 
  • Creating Your Project Schedule
  • Working with Estimates and Defining Task Logic
  • Working with Deadlines, Constraints and Task Calendars
  • Working with Single and Multiple Resource Assignments
  • Forecasting Project Behavior by Using Task Types and the Scheduling Formula
  • Analysis for Optimum Resource Utilization
  • Customizing and Formatting Microsoft Project Views
  • Tracking Project Schedule and Costs
  • Working with Multiple Projects
  • Creating and Customizing Reports
For detailed course content, see end of this page.
Who Can Attend
  • Novice and experienced project managers and schedulers.
  • Individuals involved in or responsible for scheduling, estimating, coordinating, controlling, budgeting and staffing of projects.
  • Anyone using Microsoft Project but have not taken a course in MSP, to learn to use.
Trainer Profile
  • Microsoft Certified Office Project Specialist.
  • Oracle Primavera Certified P6 Specialist.
  • PMP Certified.
  • ITIL Certified.
  • 12 years extensive experience of Project and Production Management in top notch companies.
  • Specialist in developing, customizing and deployment of organization wide project processes and methodologies.
  • 60+ MS Project courses conducted.

Rs. 12,000. 
  • Discount available for groups of 2 or more participants.
  • For fee payment options, please visit this page.
Special Offer: Obtain Primavera training and avail 50% off in MS Project fee, if both fee paid together.
MS Project Training Schedule:
The Microsoft Office Project training in Islamabad, Lahore and Doha is scheduled as follows. Exclusive MS Project training on customized schedule can be arranged.  Online MS Project training is also available on request.
  • Mar 11 - 12, 2020
    Last Date of Fee Payment: Mar 8

        Venue: Blue Lagoon, Shabbir Road, beside Hotel PC.      

  • Feb 17 - 18, 2020
    Last Date of Fee Payment: Feb 15
        Venue: Smart Hotel, Liberty, Gulberg III.

Exclusive and customized MS Project training in Karachi can be conducted for groups/organizations. Minimum 4 participants. Contact to discuss your requirements.
MS Project Training in Doha, Qatar
  • May 19 - 20, 2019
    Last Date Registration: May 15
    Training Fee - QAR 1500
More Information:
  • MS Project training is also imparted live, online
  • Exclusive training on Microsoft Office Project can also be conducted for organizations/groups/individuals. Please send us an email or call on +92 (0) 323 8556158 to discuss your needs.

Microsoft Project Course Registration Form

To register yourself for the MS Office Project training, please click the registration icon below, and fill in the online registration form:
Course Content

Module 1:

Microsoft Project and the Project Management Domain




Section 1:

Getting Started with Microsoft Office Project 

  • Exploring Project Management
  • Exploring Project
  • Understanding Project File Types
  • Introduction to the Microsoft Project Interface
  • Getting Help and Guidance
  • Configuring Options


Section 2:

Creating Project Schedule


  • Creating and Saving Projects
  • Defining File Properties and Setting Appropriate Schedule Options
  • Creating and Organizing the Task List
  • Importing Data from Office Excel
  • Modifying and Applying Calendars, Setting Corporate Holidays
  • Setting Scheduling Options

Module 2:

Organizing for Success - Project Initiations and Planning

Section 3:

Estimates and Defining Task Logic

·          Entering Task Estimates

·          Task Duration

·          Linking and Unlinking Tasks by 3 different   ways.

·          Adding Lag or Lead Time to a Linked Task

Section 4:

Deadlines, Constraints, and Task Calendars


·          Introducing Deadlines, Constraints, and     Task Calendars

·          Creating and Modifying Deadlines

·          Creating and Modifying Constraints

·          Identifying Critical Tasks and Displaying     the Critical Path

·          Working with Task Driver

Section 5:

Working with Single and Multiple Resource Assignments

·         Introducing Resources, Assignments, and   Budgeting

·          Adding Resources to the Resource Sheet   View

·          Creating and Modifying Resource   Assignments

·          Entering Project Costs and 

      Project  Budgets


Section 6:

Forecasting Project Behavior by Using Task Types 

·          Using Task Types 

·          Applying Task Types to Produce   Predictable Behavior

·          Making Decisions about Task Type  

      and Effort-Driven Settings


Section 7:

Analysis for Optimum Resource Utilization


·          Introducing Resource Utilization Concepts

·          Viewing Resource Assignments, Allocation,

      and Utilization

·          Managing Resource Availability and   Interpreting Results

·          Optimizing and Leveling Resource   Assignments


Section 8: Customizing and Formatting Microsoft Project Views

·          Formatting Screen Elements

·          Creating and Modifying Fields, Tables,     and Formulas

·          Creating and Modifying Filters and Groups

·          Creating and Modifying Custom Views

Module 3:

Project Execution Through Completion

Section 9:

Tracking Project Schedule and Costs


·         Working With Baselines

·          Entering Duration Updates

·          Entering Work Updates

·          Controlling Projects by Finding Variance 

·         Troubleshooting Schedule and Getting         Back on Track

Section 10:

Creating and Customizing Reports


·          Selecting, Editing, and Creating Basic   Reports

·          Configuring Print and Page Setup Options

·          Setting Options to Correct Printing Issues

·          Applying Solutions to Various Printing   Scenarios

·          Running Basic Reports That Summarize     Data by Project, by Resource, by Task, or   by Cost

·          Exporting Data by Using a Custom Map to   Merge with Data in an Existing Excel   Spreadsheet

·          Running Visual Reports That Summarize   Data by Project, by Resource, by Task, or   by Cost

·          Developing a New Visual Report Template


Module 4:

Microsoft Office Project Knowledge in Depth


Section 11:

Multiple Projects

·         Introducing Management of Multiple   Projects

·          Creating Master Projects

·          Inserting Sub-projects into a Master   Project

·         Creating Links Across Projects and       Managing Changes to Linked Tasks

·          Calculating Single or Multiple Critical Paths

·          Saving and Opening Multiple Projects

·          Sharing Resources and Analyzing     Resource Utilization Across Multiple   Projects

Materials provided
  • Study manual
  • Course certificate